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The Modern CISO and the Strategic Value of Risk Management

This video series is a conversational look at the Next Generation security organization and what it takes to be a “Modern” CISO. Bryan Lapidus talks with Lynx CEO Franklin Donahoe about the people, process, and technology it takes to drive a successful security organization that provides 360-degree security.

Business-Centric Security
Align your security capabilities with business objectives.

Business leaders should have tools and information which allow them to understand how security threats and risks affect business objectives.

Align business and security goals

Enable your security organization to manage risks and demonstrate business value

Make business-security alignment an iterative process, not “one off”

Anticipate the impact of your changing compliance landscape

Integrate security considerations into your business decision-making process

Balance business convenience and security governance

The CISOs Report

Perspectives, Challenges and Plans for 2022 and Beyond

The inaugural edition of The CISOs Report cuts through the headlines and hype of a kinetic industry to reveal the greatest concerns of today’s cybersecurity leaders, the biggest problems their teams face, and their priorities and plans to successfully defend their organizations.

Lynx 360° GRC

Our services and products enable the integration of technology and processes to better inform risk and business leaders.

We enable visibility. Lynx arms business and risk leaders with the ability to anticipate potential negative impacts to resources and critical processes.

Communication is the cornerstone of any business function, especially risk management. We ensure threats, vulnerabilities, and technical jargon make sense to all functional leaders.


How to Spend on Cyber Security

Join this conversation as AFP and cyber risk professionals lay out a framework for making investments that drive business value based on four components: the organization’s risk profile, data, business value and the application of technology.

We Deliver Dynamic Cyber Security and Risk Management Solutions


Strategic Program Security Assessment

The Strategic Program Security Assessment is designed to improve overall security posture with a cost effective and innovative assessment approach.

Third Party Program Assessment

Lynx professionals assists your company to assess your 3rd Party risk management program maturity and capability requirements.

Compliance Readiness Assessment

Assess the readiness of your security organization to adhere to emerging regulatory compliance requirements.


Governance, Risk, and Compliance as a Service (GRCaaS)

Lynx GRCaaS is powered by our LRM SaaS platform and our risk intelligence and continuous compliance industry professionals to help you define and deliver seamless risk management.

Third Party Risk Management as a Service (TPRMaaS)

Lynx can supplement your team to manage assessment backlogs and surges or run your program end to end as we do for multiple Fortune 500 customers.

Compliance Management as a Service (CMaaS)

Lynx manages your ongoing, continuous compliance efforts providing the visibility, reporting and communication needed for your compliance program.


The SaaS Platform powering it all.

Lynx Risk Manager

Lynx Technology Partners managed and professional services are powered by Lynx Risk Manager (LRM). LRM is Lynx’s award winning proprietary Security Risk Management and Compliance platform that enables the simplification, automation, and integration of strategic, operational and security risk management processes and data. LRM provides actionable insights that are aligned with business strategies to understand how security threats and risk affect business objectives.

Industries We Support

The Lynx Team is made up of experienced, industry recognized experts who have led governance, risk management, compliance and cybersecurity programs and served as subject matter experts (SMEs) for Fortune 500 enterprises, small and medium size businesses, and government agencies. Our dedication to customer success and responsiveness to needs has earned us the trust of a growing list of customers in highly regulated industries worldwide.


Financial institutions are a leading target for cyber attacks requiring a proactive, risk-based cyber security approach.


Energy and utility companies face cyber risk from vulnerabilities related to critical infrastructure requiring relentless risk management and continuous monitoring.


A sustainable approach to cyber hygiene is required for manufacturers to protect their core business.


Outdated systems, cloud and mobile technology, health and record exchanges all combine to create challenges for healthcare that require serious cyber and risk management measures.

Key Challenges

Security is a service organization which designs controls to ensure business assets and interests are protected in a cost-effective manner. However, security organizations may focus more on technology while neglecting business objectives.

Organizations are spending too much on compliance

Most organizations have manual audit processes.

Inability to relate security risk to business impact

Most Enterprises focus on IP-addressable assets .

Blind spots in the picture of risk and compliance

Companies are faced with increasing regulations.

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