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Number of measurable cyber threats launched daily across the globe

Number of regulatory and compliance frameworks and growing

Average amount of business sensitive private files properly protected

Number of exposed records in 2021

Solve your toughest GRC challenges.

Get the on-demand expert insights, tools and resources you need to execute effective cybersecurity and compliance programs in a historically challenging landscape.

Risk Governance

Risk Identification

Risk Assessment

Risk Response

Our dedication to diversity, customer success, and responsiveness has earned us the trust of companies in highly regulated industries worldwide

Simple solutions
for complex challenges.

Trained Experts

Whether you choose a dedicated or shared support model, you can be sure that our certified SMEs will design and manage all aspects of your outsourced GRC program on time and within budget.

Mature Processes

Grounded in real-world experience, we elevate your organization by aligning, developing, and operating your GRC program in harmony with the goals and objectives of your business.

Smart Technologies

We streamline business-security alignment by using technologies that connect the dots between regulatory requirements, business relevancy, policies, situational awareness, risks, and controls.

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Lynx has been named one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest-growing private companies and ranked among the top US security companies. We strive to execute flawlessly, and that success reflects our team. These distinctions and awards highlight our commitment to our employees, our customers and all other stakeholders who support and fuel our growth and development as an organization.


GRC as a Service (GRCaaS) simplifies your risk management processes and addresses the obstacles in a constantly changing regulatory landscape and shortage of cybersecurity risk management expertise.

Lynx provides fully customizable options to support specific security requirements or for managing your GRC program end to end.

  • Shared and dedicated support models
  • Risk intelligence, analysis, and risk mitigation expertise
  • Use of Lynx Risk Manager to define and deliver programs

360° Governance

Business Objective & Policy Management 

Governance Model
Providing the people, process and technology needed to ensure compliance and efficient cybersecurity spend while simplifying risk management and the adoption and integration of leadership initiatives

Policies & Procedures
Design, control test, and the proactive ongoing management of your organization’s internal controls

Operationalized Programs
Initiating, planning, and execution of control mechanisms against a strategic roadmap developed by Lynx or your internal team

    360° Risk

    IT, Security, and Operational Risk Management

    Third-Party Risk Management
    A comprehensive approach that identifies, monitors, and mitigates Third Party Risk. Provide thorough continuous analysis using various sources to identify current state and potential emerging risks and issues across your portfolio

    Continuous Monitoring
    Rapid detection of compliance and security risks in your financial and operational environment

    Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Management (BCDRM)
    Prepare for business disruptions with business impact analysis, plan development and incident response to safeguard operations

    360° Compliance

    Regulatory Compliance & Audit Management

    Compliance Mapping
    Driving compliance by mapping frameworks to operational and regulatory requirements, and laws

    Compliance Reporting
    Understanding your position and progress against ongoing, continuous compliance efforts to provide the visibility, reporting and communication needed for your compliance program

    Audit Readiness & Response
    Providing your internal audit team with a planning, engagement management, and work paper solution that leverages information directly from other use cases

    “Lynx Technology Partners showed us that we did not have to compromise when it came to our needs. When working with Water Quality Accountability ACT (WQAA), it is essential that the process is made simple to avoid confusion among those involved. Lynx helps with this by translating regulatory requirements into practical tasks and procedures, making it more understandable to everyone.”

    Andrew Stravitz, CISO
    Chief Information Security Officer

    Make Every Dollar and Every Action Count

    Lynx Governance, Risk and Compliance as a Service (GRCaaS) powered by our Risk Operations Center (ROC)


    Gain Control.

    Identification of control weakness and operational inefficienncies.


    Assess Risks.

    Ability to frequently or continuously asses risks through the timely consideration of transactions and/or operation of controls. 


    Problem Solve.

    Increase ability to deal with issues when they are fresh and address problems before they escalate.


    Organization Overview.

    Gain a comprehensive view of the organization’s risk and compliance profile.

    Recognition for What We Do and How We Do It

    Preparing You to Face What’s Now and What’s Next in GRC

    Learn how to overcome the challenges of a Modern CISO

    • CISOs aren’t confident in their ability to prevent or respond to cyber attacks
    • CISOs list third parties as the top security risk to overcome
    • CISOs lack skilled personnel to manage data
    • CISOs and security teams need to simplify and streamline to get more done

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    Whether you need to close security gaps, detect threats, or boost compliance, our experts are ready to help. From project start to finish, you can rely on our seasoned team to deliver the depth of experience, knowledge capital, and adaptive GRC solutions you need to meet industry requirements, overcome unique cybersecurity challenges, and evolve your business.

    At Lynx, we recognize that people are our greatest assets. By honoring the power of human ingenuity and inclusivity, we aim to elevate the success of every individual and business we partner with. Our diverse backgrounds, experiences, and ideas are worth celebrating. They’re the reason Lynx is the trusted managed GRC partner of a growing list of companies worldwide.

    —Aric K. Perminter, Founder and CEO, Lynx Technology Partners

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