A Financial Services Cyber Security Resource Guide


According to the DTCC, Cyber Security is the number one threat facing our country’s financial institutions. We understand that securing the future of financial services is a challenge at best. With the ever-changing technology landscape and the many moving parts, IT Security War for Talent, Nation-State Sponsored attackers, political hacktavists, corporate spies, and insider threats, it’s easy to get overwhelmed in the complexity. Add to fighting the bad guys all day, you have to fight for your budget and endure complaints of slowing down the business. Leading cyber security in a bank, financial services firm, wealth management or insurance enterprise is no walk in the park.

To that end, we thought it might be useful to compile some of the latest information we have found across the web for you and your team. Whether you are putting together a talk for a local or national conference, or compiling resources for internal communications, see below for some of the most recent presentations, events and research for Financial Services cyber security.

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We have found a variety of research, news sources, and events that will help guide your journey in discovering the latest trends in security and risk management.

If you are planning to speak at an upcoming event or conference or non-profit association meeting (ISSA, Infragard, ISACA, IIA or others), SlideShare offers interesting slide decks from different points of view on financial services security and IT risk that could be very helpful in your preparation. The information there is free, but of course, the source must be considered. Having said that, there are many IT security experts who post their slide decks on SlideShare.

List of SlideShare Resources

  1. Cybersecurity Best Practices in the Financial Services
  2. Cybersecurity without a Cybervault
  3. 11 Critical Areas of Cybersecurity Focus for Financial Institutions
  4. Top 12 Predictions for Cybersecurity Experts 2016
  5. Financial Tech: Managing Digital Risk

Next, we’ve uncovered some great research and business news articles for the financial services industry as it relates to cybersecurity and IT risk management. Below you will find some interesting news on Quantum Computing and how that impacts the financial and banking industry as well as some other research from Ponemon Institute about 2016 Digital trends.

Top Research on Future of Banking Security Trends

  1. The Ponemon Institute: 2016 Encryption Trends
  2. American Banker: Are Banks Ready for Quantum Computing?
  3. CNeT: NSA Working on Quantum Computer to Break any Encryption
  4. BBC: Quantum Computing: Game Changer or Security Threat
  5. The Ponemon Institute: Tone at the Top and 3rd Party Risks
  6. 2015 ABA Deposit Account Fraud Survey

Lastly, we wanted to make sure you are in the know about upcoming industry events. While there are clearly too many to list here, these are the national events that many senior security leaders find insightful and packed full of data to support your cybersecurity strategies. We are working to keep you updated on relevant security and risk management events. For more cyber security events, check out our events calendar.

List of upcoming events (Check out our new event calendar):

Finally, learn why Lynx Technology Partners is trusted by the largest consumer finance enterprise to deliver bleeding edge cyber security talent to complete ‘Feats of Strength’ projects.

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