Compliance Readiness Assessment (CRA)

Assess the readiness of your security organization to adhere to emerging regulatory compliance requirements.

Corporate Compliance and Regulatory Services

Compliance is complicated and time-consuming and unfortunately, there is no single overarching regulation for all organizations. There is also no single compliance activity that will deliver everything you need to be compliant.

The challenges organizations face when it comes to IT risk management include misinterpretation of policies and controls, lack of regulatory knowledge, manual and disparate processes and fragmented IT visibility. Information Technology departments looking to gain control and visibility of their compliance initiatives need the expertise and visibility to help them understand regulatory requirements, define policy and compliance objectives and automate their audit workflow process to help them complete their audit assessments in a more efficient way.

Today, organizations need an intelligent approach to gaining the upper hand when it comes to assessing IT risk and managing compliance. The Lynx Compliance Readiness Assessment provides a way to assess and document the current state of compliance and appropriately allocate resources to make sure that important compliance issues are not overlooked.

Corporate Compliance and Regulatory Services

Lynx has broad and comprehensive experience performing compliance and audit readiness assessments and managing compliance programs for commercial and government organizations.

Corporate Compliance & Regulatory Services
Compliance Program Design & Testing
Compliance Monitoring, Assessment & Effectiveness
Regulatory Consulting
SOX/SOC1 Assessments
SOC 2/3 Assessments
Data Privacy Assessments (GDPR)
Regulatory/Municipal Response

PCI Assessments
Risk Management Strategies & Roadmap
Operations & Regulatory Risk Management
Policy Management
Identify, Measure, Monitor and Report on Risk
Integrate Risks to Manage Risk & Compliance Related Activities

Why a Compliance Readiness Assessment?

Regularly reviewing compliance risks ensures that organizations understand the effectiveness of their compliance program and identifies potential compliance and risk gaps that may exist in a constantly evolving compliance landscape. It is also extremely valuable when demonstrating compliance and the effectiveness of your compliance program to outside auditors.

Compliance Readiness Assessment Steps:

Identify the risks

Map potential risks to possible outcomes and affected parties

Prioritize the most severe risks and determine control measures

Implement controls and validate through testing

Compliance Management

Organizations, depending on their industry or geographic location, may be required to adhere to numerous regulations, standards, frameworks and compliance guidelines such as PCI, GDPR, HIPPA, COBIT, HIGHTRUST and more. Many of these organizations lack the resources to create, track and benchmark their compliance readiness which is vital to maintaining a compliance program. Lynx Technology Partners provides organizations a way to streamline, document and measure compliance readiness to ensure an organization-wide focus on regulatory outcomes, resources, and activities to avoid penalties and improve operations through increased transparency and accountability.

Reduction in Operational Risk

Reduced Legal Problems

Better Insights and Business Strategy Alignment

Greater Efficiency and Improved Operations

Documentations and Audit Support