Lynx Technology Partners Solution to Keep Security Operations Flying High

May 5, 2020 | Newsroom

New Integrated Risk Management Platform Turns Security Operations and IT Teams into Co-pilots Enabling Faster Response to Threats with Real-time Visibility of Risks

PITTSBURGHMay 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — LYNX Technology Partners (LYNX), one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest-growing private companies and ranked among the top US security companies for consecutive years, has announced the introduction of their second-generation integrated risk management platform, Lynx Risk Manager (LRM). LRM is the CISOs’ cockpit from which to navigate through key challenges associated with quantifying risk, justifying security program spending and tracking the performance of various cybersecurity and risk management program metrics. LRM provides a single pane of glass for security ops, security teams, risk management and IT to coordinate and collaborate in the management of risk throughout the organization.

“The Lynx Integrated Risk Management platform is a game changer,” said Rich Shinnick, CEO, Touchstone Security. “As a national, military trained expert in cybersecurity with a special affinity for cloud adoption, Touchstone Security delivers strategies for securing our customers’ most sensitive information. So, it was critical for us to find a solution that deploys rapidly and solves a host of unique challenges in the areas of Security, Governance, Risk, and Compliance. Lynx Risk Manager (LRM) elevates our capability to establish a highly efficient and proactive approach to manage risk for our customers.”

Through a vertically integrated view of risk and its proprietary risk assessment engine, LRM aligns actionable insights to business strategies – taking a company beyond compliance and regulatory mandates. According to LYNX, LRM is also built-out in a manner that supports simplified communication across all departments. The improved communication (a common understanding of risk) and collaboration increases efficiency, reduces cost and improves overall business performance.

“CISOs are looking for products that go beyond compliance-driven GRC solutions to support new, risk-aware governance programs,” indicates LYNX Founder and Chairman, Aric Perminter. “We started down this path of integration over two years ago, it wasn’t about anticipating the market, as much as it was creating a much-needed, forward-looking solution for our clients.”

As a premier cybersecurity consultancy, LRM is supported by a network of security partners and subject matter experts with years of experience managing the tools, processes and structure around compliance, risk and security programs for organizations worldwide in highly regulated industries.

LRM is designed to simplify, automate, and integrate operations and IT risk management processes and data. The company emphasize that what makes LRM different is that it provides a vertically integrated view of risk starting with an organization’s strategy through its business operations and ultimately into security enabling technology assets. This approach provides a foundation for more informed decision-making when it comes to managing risk. LRM provides an enterprise-wide view of a company’s unique risks removing any ‘friction’ between IT and Security with an integrated view of all assets.

“In my InfoSec / Cybersecurity journey spanning over two decades as CISO Trusted Advisor, Enterprise CISO and Virtual CISO, I am so tired of seeing GRC tools that are overengineered and need a PhD with a million dollar budget to procure, implement and customize to even work!” says Taiye Lambo, Founder HISPI & CloudeAssurance and Former CISO, City of Atlanta. “I strongly believe that LRM is a must-see and must-have for both Enterprise CISOs and Virtual CISOs like myself. I’m a firm believer in the ‘Keep-It-Simple’ approach to problem solving, so I can’t wait to show LRM to my vCISO clients.”

LRM features a proprietary risk engine and a user interface that makes it easy to use and easy to stand up. Unlike other Integrated Risk Management or GRC solutions, LRM also offers cost effective and flexible pricing plans and a free trial for organizations to test it for themselves.

LRM is available as a SaaS offering but it can also be installed on-premise for organizations who are concerned about placing valuable risk and compliance data on a public cloud. Customers presently include those that are in highly regulated sectors including financial, government and utilities, but the product has also been successful white-labeled for use by several recognized management consulting and managed security services providers.

To learn more about LRM and the Lynx approach to Integrated Risk Management, check out the video or visit LYNX Technology Partners.