Cybersecurity in the New Normal

cybersecurity the new norm

Covid-19 forced organizations to rethink and restructure overnight. Rapid changes in networks and working practices mean increased attack surfaces and security gaps. As organizations begin to lift restrictions, we wonder – What does the “new normal” look like and how are organizations managing through the changes?

Come and join us to discuss how the Covid-19 pandemic is impacting organization’s cybersecurity programs. We have a remarkable panel lined up to share their thoughts and insight.

Our panel will discuss the main threats, as well as their shifting priorities.

  • How have company security goals shifted amidst the Covid-19 pandemic? Is there a shift regarding risk appetite and risk tolerances?
  • How can Vendors better support CISOs and Information Security efforts during the pandemic?
  • How can companies utilize people, process and technology to assess risk and report on gaps to prevent attacks while employees continue to work from home?
  • How can companies of all sizes best prepare to manage the increase of cyber-attacks (e.g. social engineering, phishing campaigns, and ransomware requests) now, and moving forward?

We can face these challenges together as cyber professionals and make sure that despite the continuing impact of the pandemic, we are prepared and resilient. This is a don’t miss event and you can Register today!