MLK Day & the Great Cybersecurity Employment Gap

group at table learning about cyber security

Lynx Technology Partners is a minority, veteran owned, woman lead company so we know firsthand the reason for the holiday. We understand that it was created to be a day of service. Our employees work hard to support our clients by performing services for them and going above and beyond the call of duty but they also do the same in our communities. There’s a HUGE GAP in Cybersecurity Careers and  part of our mission to serve the community is to educate others and expose them to Cybersecurity careers. So, this past week one of our own, Angela Dogan, Director of Vendor Risk and Compliance Services, spoke to the Atlanta Girls Schools, STEAM students about the meaning of Cybersecurity and all of the possible Careers in the industry. This is one of the many ways Lynx Technology Partners decided to perform their day of service.

Based on the 2017 Cybersecurity Jobs Report from Cybersecurity Ventures, there will be a global deficit of 3.5 million in cybersecurity jobs by 2021.   Because of this, they are predicting a dramatic rise in cyber-crime that will cost the world $6 trillion dollars. The numbers are currently trending to support this prediction because today there are currently 1.8 mil. open jobs in the US alone. So, every opportunity we can take to promote and educate the need for people to consider a career in Cybersecurity we take it. Lynx believes this starts with K-12. The earlier we start the better. So we at Lynx Technology Partners encourage you to celebrate MLK Day by performing your day of service in your communities and at the same time bring awareness to a great cause.  Check out