Compliance Management as a Service (CMaaS)

Lynx compliance managed services are a streamline approach to the ongoing process of monitoring and assessing organizations and their systems to ensure Compliance with industry and security standards as well as Corporate and Regulatory policies and requirements.

What We Do

To defend their systems and information, organizations leverage numerous endpoint controls, vulnerability assessments and compliance processes, but lack the resources to create, track and benchmark their IT security posture, which is vital to maintaining a protected network and a productive IT staff and workforce. Lynx Technology Partners enables organizations to streamline measurement of their security and compliance posture and align IT risk with business decision-making.


Reduction in Operational Risk


Reduced Legal Problems


Better Insights and Business Strategy Alignment


Greater Efficiency and Improved Operations


Lynx will perform monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual audits or validations, and record and report deficiencies to the organization. This includes artifact/evidence evaluation as well as discussion with control owners. 

Compliance Gap Analysis

Compliance, Security, Privacy Gap Remediation

Regulations, Industry Mandates and Standards

Every organization is subject to numerous regulations and compliance requirements. Having complete awareness and visibility around these industry mandates, standards and regulations is key to avoiding the various penalties associated with a failure to comply with the regulations. These penalties can be significant and can create a variety of both financial and non-financial consequences.

Compliance is Complicated

Proper management of regulatory and legal compliance is complex and can include policies, procedures, internal auditing, audits by independent third parties, security controls, documentation, and technological enforcement.

It’s also our philosophy that strong compliance programs are based on sound risk management strategy and visibility. Lynx Technology Partners’ (Lynx) Compliance Management Services provide holistic capabilities that combine security and risk professional services with a technology platform that automates IT risk assessments and remediation tracking to facilitate an organization’s compliance challenges.

Today, organizations need an intelligent approach to gaining the upper hand when it comes to assessing and managing compliance.

Simplify Your CMaaS Efforts

Lynx professional compliance management solutions provide organizations a holistic way to identify, assess, remediate, and manage compliance.

Lynx Risk Manager® Key Functions

Our managed and professional services are powered by Lynx Risk Manager (LRM). LRM is Lynx’s proprietary Security Risk Management and Compliance platform that enables simplification, automation and integration of strategic, operational and security risk management processes and data.


Identify the criticality of IT assets and their support of key business processes to define an IT risk profile.


Automatically assess your technical and procedural controls for compliance with interfaces to third-party tools and web-based surveys.


Prioritize and address technical and procedural control deficiencies, assign and track results.


Create operational and strategic visibility across compliance, IT risk and control environments with role-based and dashboard reporting.