Forrester Research Report: Calling all Security and Risk Professionals

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By Josh Zelonis with Stephanie Balaouras , Bill Barringham , Peggy Dostie

Don’t let it be a challenging task to protect your business from every possible attack type.

Companies are under attack: 58% of global enterprise respondents say their firms have experienced at least one breach during the past 12 months. Of these, 50% say their firm suffered at least one internal incident, and 36% suffered at least one attack or incident involving a business partner or third-party supplier.

This Forrester report identifies these top threats in the cybersecurity landscape:

No. 1: Ineffective Vulnerability Management Will Make Firms Victims Of Destructive Attacks

No. 2: Insecure Cloud Services Will Continue To Hemorrhage Sensitive Data

No 3: The Equifax Breach Will Render Knowledge-Based Authentication Ineffective

No. 4: Strategic Compromise Will Allow Attackers To Undermine Your Supply Chain

No. 5: Ransomware Will Expose Lack Of Cybersecurity And Business Continuity Prep

In each case, this report summarizes the threat, provides details on what you need to know and outlines what you can do about it.

Key Takeaways

  • We’re Leaving The Door Open For Attackers
  • We’ve Lost Our Identity
  • Contaminated Updates Are A Growing Threat

In 2017, Forrester found that of the 173 enterprise network security decision makers whose firms had had an internal security breach in the past 12 months, 50% of the breaches were attributable to abuse or malicious intent (e.g., authorized or terminated user exploiting access rights or gaining unauthorized access), 42% to inadvertent misuse or an accident (e.g., authorized users inappropriately disclosing sensitive information by accident), and 8% to both.

Forrester also found that year to year, many of the macrotrends for external attacks are similar, but how these attacks are carried out is constantly evolving. To help S&R pros better defend against these, they identified and analyzed the top methods of intrusion.

Why Read This Report

Security and risk (S&R) professionals have the challenging task of using finite budgets to protect their business from every possible attack type in the threat landscape. One strategy for approaching this challenge is to use historical attack trends to prioritize protections against attacks that are the most probable. This report analyzes common attack patterns responsible for breaches in 2017 to help S&R pros prepare for 2018.

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