NICE Framework Success Story – Abstract

NICE Framework's Success Story

Lynx is passionate about helping clients understand and reduce risks they may face, including potential hazards associated with competency gaps. Lynx trusts that a standardized approach improves their clients’ hiring, training, and succession processes as well as enables employees to better understand what capabilities are needed for desired positions and upskill accordingly. Lynx therefore utilizes the NICE Framework, as it is both far reaching and lends itself to competency assessments and careerpathing activities.


  • 1 in 3 companies say that a shortage of skills makes their organizations more desirable hacking targets. (McAfee, 2016)
  • Widespread difficulty with recruiting and hiring security talent across organizations.
  • The emergence of competency-based management as a strategic talent management
    approach that defines the competencies required for successfully delivering an organization’s business strategy.
  • Recognition that competencies are crucial to all aspects of talent management, including lowering turnover rates, hiring the best talent, increasing revenue per employee, and improving employee performance.

By using competencies as building blocks, companies can create an integrated talent management network within their organizations to ensure that they are hiring, developing, and promoting the right people in the right positions.

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