Shark Sighting at RSA

Security Sharktanks

Hosted by Security Current, The Security Shark Tank® during RSA is the premier pitch event of its kind.  It draws over 20 CISOs from across the country in an informative and fun forum to hear from a select group of invited vendors in a rapid-fire, back and forth pitch.

Lynx CEO Gina Mahin was in the shark infested waters yesterday.  What do you have to do to swim with the sharks without being eaten alive?  Above all else, INNOVATION is Critical.  Not only is it a critical differentiator in the tank, but it’s really the most important driver for all of us in cybersecurity.  We build it.  They hack it.  We create walls and infrastructure.  They throw AI at ’em.  It’s the old, “If you’re not innovating, you’re dying!”  And while that might be an extreme statement for some industries, well…in cyber, it’s (sadly) pretty darn close to reality.

Adapting to an ever-changing business and security environment is paramount.

Improving your business?  Check.  Creating a competitive advantage?  Check.  SAVING your business?  Check, Check!  It’s hard to believe that what the industry is doing today is ‘enough’.  We must do more.  We must innovate!

A couple of years ago, we innovated intuitive intrusion detection, then we were given protections against insider breaches, and we now have denying denial of service solutions.  So…what’s next?  Where are you investing?  Are you investing in innovation?  If you’re a shark, that’s what you’re looking for today.

How did Lynx ‘survive’ the SHARKS at RSA? By showcasing a LYNX innovation that we believe very much helps to move our industry forward, Lynx Risk Manager (LRM).  LRM is our integrated risk management solution that goes beyond the traditional, compliance-driven GRC methodology to provide a complete view of risk from across the organization.  Imagine having the data at your fingertips that can help quantify risk, justify risk management spending and track the performance of your risk management programs.

The Annual RSA Conference convenes top cybersecurity leaders and a dedicated community of peers to exchange the ‘biggest, boldest ideas that will help propel the industry forward’.  The perfect setting to introduce INNOVATION that can keep moving our industry, forward.

Don’t get eaten alive by an industry constantly being circled by sharks.  And if you want to see how Lynx survived the tank, check out LRM!  IMG_0131