Lynx Risk Manager Integrates with Lieberman Software’s ERPM

Lieberman Software

Lynx Technology Partners and Lieberman Software recently announced an integration module for Lynx Risk Manager (LRM) which imports privileged account information from Lieberman Software’s Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) and immediately updates security control scores in LRM.  These scores form the basis for continuous measurement of password-related security risks, as well as compliance to a wide range of regulatory frameworks.

Lieberman Software provides award-winning privileged identity management and security management products. “We are excited to partner with Lieberman Software to help our customers quickly see the impact of unmanaged privileged accounts on their IT risk and compliance posture,” said Matthew Beck, Chief Technology Officer of Lynx Technology Partners.  “The integration with Lieberman’s ERPM will enable Lynx and Lieberman customers to demonstrate immediate and tangible improvements in risk and compliance, improvements attributable directly to Lieberman Software’s adaptive privileged account management.”

“Lieberman Software secures privileged passwords which is critical for reducing IT risk, and Lynx measures and manages IT risk.  The integration of these two products definitely advances the state of the art in privileged password risk management,” stated Jonathan Sander, VP of Product Strategy for Lieberman Software.  “Also, with the LRM integration, our customers can now clearly quantify the compliance value provided by ERPM.”

Lynx Technology Partners’ Professional Services capabilities play a key role in the partnership.  “This joint solution addresses customer needs at the intersection of the IT GRC and PIM marketplaces.  Lynx’s experienced Professional Services team provides customers with seamless implementation of best-of-breed technologies along with compliance and risk monitoring services,” explained Gina Mahin, Chief Operating Officer and leader of Lynx’s professional services unit. “In conjunction with the formation of this partnership, we have certified a significant number of our professional services team on Lieberman’s ERPM product as well as the LRM to ERPM Integration Module, ensuring our customers’ success with the integrated solution.”

The LRM to ERPM Integration Module is available immediately for current LRM customers.