Governance, Risk and Compliance as a Service (GRCaaS)

Whether it’s managing the critical capabilities of governance, risk, and compliance activities or integrating and supporting your entire program, we help simplify your GRC with the people, processes, and technology you need.

Why GRCaaS

GRC as a Service (GRCaaS) simplifies your risk management processes and addresses the obstacles in a constantly changing regulatory landscape and shortage of cybersecurity risk management expertise. Lynx provides options for outsourcing specific areas or we can manage your program end to end.

Lynx GRCaaS is powered by our LRM SaaS platform and our risk intelligence and continuous compliance industry professionals to help you define and deliver seamless risk management.

Simplify Your GRC Efforts

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Modern Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Lynx is a tech enabled managed services company that provides organizations options for outsourcing the people, process and technology they need to ensure compliance and efficient cybersecurity spend while simplifying risk management processes.


Ensuring organizational goals, culture, processes incorporate accountability to customers and stakeholders.


Identify, mitigate, and monitor potential threats to the integrity of the organization.


Establish and ensure appropriate guidelines are followed to achieve proper, consistent business practices.

Our Approach

Lynx GRCaaS is powered by our Risk Operations Center (ROC) and our risk intelligence and continuous compliance industry professionals to help you define and deliver seamless risk management. This managed service enables the next generation CISO and security organization to improve operational effectiveness and efficiencies.

Lynx ROC

Risk Operations Center

  • Shared and dedicated support models
  • Risk intelligence, analysis, and risk mitigation expertise
  • Use of Lynx Risk Manager to define and deliver program
  • Drive program efficiencies to achieve level 5 program maturity
  • Maintain policies and compliance documentation
  • Oversee and monitor risk posture
  • Provide proactive risk intelligence
  • Enable 360° security


Lynx Risk Manager® is the engine that drives our Risk Operations Center (ROC), center of excellence as a “single pane of glass” for security GRC. We reduce long time-consuming risk management activities by using technology to automate traditional and dated approaches to assessment and compliance.

We’ve positioned LRM and our Lynx ROC to address the high cost of GRC solutions.

  • Identification of control weakness and operational inefficiencies
  • Ability to frequently or continuously assess risks through the timely consideration of transactions and/or operation of controls
  • Increase ability to deal with issues when they are fresh and address problems before they escalate

GRC Done Right

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Lynx Risk Manager® Key Functions

Our managed and professional services are powered by Lynx Risk Manager (LRM). LRM is Lynx’s proprietary Security Risk Management and Compliance platform that enables simplification, automation and integration of strategic, operational and security risk management processes and data.


Identify the criticality of IT assets and their support of key business processes to define an IT risk profile.


Automatically assess your technical and procedural controls for compliance with interfaces to third-party tools and web-based surveys.


Prioritize and address technical and procedural control deficiencies, assign and track results.


Create operational and strategic visibility across compliance, IT risk and control environments with role-based and dashboard reporting.

GRCaaS done right

Forward-thinking organization view GRC as an integrated collection of all capabilities necessary to support performance. GRC should never burden the business, it supports and improves it.

Today’s challenging business climate and shortage of cybersecurity risk management expertise makes establishing an approach to the people, process and technology you choose critical address uncertainty and act with integrity which are hallmarks of GRC done right.


Reduced costs


Reduced duplication of activities


Reduced impact on operations


Achieved greater information quality


Achieved greater ability to gather information quickly and efficiently


Achieved greater ability to repeat processes in a consistent manner

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Our Security Practice has a proven track record of delivering Governance Risk and Compliance as-a-Service for organizations of all sizes in highly regulated industries worldwide. The objective is to provide our customers with a cost-effective, innovative approach to managing and maturing their programs and achieving measurable results.