Lynx Risk Manager Support Lifecycle


Lynx’s Product Support Lifecycle Policy provides clear support availability guidelines for all Lynx’s products, allowing you to plan and manage your support needs. This policy applies to all Lynx-branded products, except as Lynx may otherwise expressly agree in writing.

Levels of Support

Lynx has two levels of product support: Standard Support and Premium Support.

Standard Support

Lynx’s “Standard Support” level is included with all active subscription term licenses and all active maintenance agreements on perpetual licenses.

Premium Support

Lynx’s “Premium Support” level is a higher level of support, available at additional cost for any active subscription term license or active maintenance agreement on perpetual licenses.

Product Lifecycle Phases

Whether a customer is at the Standard or Premium level of product support, the length of time Lynx provides support for a given Lynx product, and the details of the support services offered, are determined by our Product Support Lifecycle. All Lynx support services require an active subscription term license or an active maintenance agreement on perpetual licenses, as applicable.

Within this Lifecycle, what constitutes a “version” is determined by Lynx. A given version’s general availability (or “GA”) release date also serves as the GA release date for all subsequent, subordinate upgrades, updates and service packs issued for that version.

Lynx will make all determinations regarding when to end its support relating to any vendor platforms or other coordinating product or program, including without limitation those that have been superseded by new versions, are in extended support or have been made end-of-life by their vendors.

After release, Lynx products go through three sequential Product Support Lifecycle phases: General Support, Extended Support and Self-support. General Support is available for the first 24 months after the GA release date for a given version of a Lynx product. Extended Support becomes available immediately after the General Support phase ends and continues for an additional 12 months, running from months 25 through 36 after the GA release date. Self-support begins immediately after the Extended Support phase ends, or 36 months after the GA release date.

Without regard to the time periods set forth above, the concepts of General and Extended Support do not apply to Service Packs. When a new Service Pack is released, the previous Service Pack is supported (at the same level as the associated product version) for 12 months thereafter or until support for the product version ends, whichever comes first.

Content Packs, using control frameworks that are under a separate copyright and license agreement (Licensed Content Packs – LCP), are subject to the support agreements of the authoring vendor.  While Lynx products may continue to use and permit access to a LCP, Lynx does not warrant the future compatibility or support of LCPs beyond their support date as determined by the authoring vendor.

Support Features Product Support Lifecycle Phase
General Support Extended Support Self-support
(0-24 months after GA) (24-36 months after GA) (>36 months after GA)
Telephone, web and e-mail support during the designated support hours and geographies for the customer’s support level (i.e., Standard or Premium Support, as applicable based on the customer’s purchase) Included Included Not available
Product security updates Included Included Not available
Service releases Included Not available Not available
Critical hot fixes Included Not available Not available
Access to subscription content for vendor-supported platforms and products, provided they are available on the respective Lynx Product version Included Included Not available
Access to Lynx Customer Portal, Customer Community, support knowledgebase and discussion forums Included Included Included


Support Lifecycle End Dates for Current Lynx Products

The following tables provide specific lifecycle dates for each current Lynx product:

Product Version GA Release Date General Support End Date Extended Support End Date Self-support Start Date
Lynx Risk Manager 4.6 October 31, 2015 October 31, 2017 October 31, 2018 November 1, 2018
4.5 January 24, 2014 January 24, 2016 December 31, 2016 January 1, 2017
4.4 November 20, 2012 Version 4.4 and all previous versions are in Self-support
4.3 December 13, 2011
4.2 November 22, 2010
4.1 February 26, 2010

An asterisk (*) indicates a support period or date that Lynx has extended as a courtesy to its customers.

Lynx Product Support Lifecycle, adopted June 1, 2015