Opportunity Registration

Lynx enables you to register qualified sales prospects via this on-line Opportunity Registration process.  This process enables you to protect opportunities and maximize profit margins. The system enables the input of detailed information on your qualified opportunities. Once a qualified lead is registered online, Lynx will determine if the account is available, generate a record for the account, mark it as “registered” in our lead database, and send you an e-mail confirmation of the registration.

As long as the account remains registered, you will receive the full-authorized discount level for all associated sales. You will, however, be required to show that you are actively working on the opportunity through periodic forecasts and updates. Registered accounts that are actively worked are protected for a minimum of six months. Lynx will actively help you close the opportunity by referring any incoming calls or software download attempts initiated by the registered account directly to you.

To register your current opportunity, please complete the form to the right. Not a current partner? Click here to apply.