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Learn more about your ransomware susceptibility.

While common indicators of a ransomware attack haven’t changed, the ransomware risk posture of large enterprise companies has. In August 2021, the average Ransomware Susceptibility Index™ rating was 0.42. Now, in April 2022, the average RSI™ rating is 0.26, a decrease of nearly 40%.

This is great news, and it indicates that even the largest companies with more resources know there’s always room for improvement. Compromised credentials are the most common initial attack vector for ransomware attacks. Last year, 70 of the Fortune 100 companies had an ‘F’ or ‘Poor’ rating in Credential Management. Now, that number has dropped by 50% to 35 companies.

There are 5+ billion hacked email addresses and passwords available on the internet in underground forums. Do you know if any of your vendors have fallen victim to a credential leak?

Guess what, you can,  Take a look at the type of insight this complimentary assessment provides.  Check out the sample report to the right.  Just let us know if you would like to customize this to one of your current vendors….for FREE!

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