Securing Your Digital Enterprise

With guest speaker Jeff Pollard, Forrester Principal Analyst
For Security & Risk Professionals
Cybersecurity represents the number one threat to digital business. Commercialized data and source code combine to form the growth engines of the modern enterprise. That engine requires connectivity, computing, and storage, all of which come in new form factors, architectures, and cost models.

The “do everything – control everything” approach Security & Risk pros grew up with is at an end, demolished by an onslaught of complexity and innovation across the enterprise. In its place, a new age of targeted expertise, adaptable architectures, and automation arrives.

In this session, guest speaker Forrester Principal Analyst Jeff Pollard will:

  • Provide insights into the trends shaping the defense of the digital enterprise
  • Demonstrate how to create an Expertise-On-Demand approach to using security services
  • Show how to strike a balance between tactical capabilities and strategic initiatives
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