Lynx Risk Manager

Is your IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance Too Complex, Costly, or Just Plain Confusing?

Lynx Risk Manager is a powerful IT risk and compliance solution that allows an organization to immediately improve their audit workflow and then assess their IT risk posture against internal and external regulations. Our IT GRC solutions identify and prioritize risks to your unique business interests across all types of IT resources within the framework of predefined compliance and control regulations, best practices and automated workflows.

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Why Do I Need Lynx Risk Manager?

Managing IT Risk can be extremely challenging without the ability to correlate data across different security products and environments.

Correlate IT Risk to Business Impact

Create a catalog of key information and processes unique to your business that need to be protected from IT risk. Business interests are mapped to assets and risk scenarios to provide a business risk context for IT resources.

Automate Survey Workflows

Use stakeholder surveys to determine the business impact of a risk scenario that compromises the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of a business interest.

Automate Previously Manual Tasks

Use automated surveys to allow system owners to set risk profile attributes for assets.

Improve Visibility into IT Environment

Define asset groups with attribute-based criteria. Membership in a group is determined dynamically based on whether an asset’s risk profile matches the group’s criteria.

Why Lynx Technology Partners?

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