Cybersecurity Awareness, Range & Training

Incident Response Training and Situational Awareness

The reality is that people are your first line of defense. Today’s rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape demands enhanced awareness and training experiences. Our Cybersecurity Awareness, Range & Training sculpts cybersecurity professionals into cyber ‘Picassos’. The cyber range provides a relevant, integrated, Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) cyber range environment for demonstration, training, exercising, tool development, and testing full-spectrum cyberspace capabilities.


Operational assessments including Certification and Accreditation support to improve processes, procedures, checklists, and guidance.

Prepare For An Attack

No suite of products better prepares cybersecurity operators to identify, isolate, remove, and recover from a cybersecurity attack.

Do You Need Training?

A predicted global shortfall of 3.5 million cyber security jobs by 2021.

Validate Your Preparedness

The most powerful and advanced solutions to prepare cybersecurity operators to identify, isolate, remove, and recover from a cybersecurity attack.

Cybersecurity Awareness, Range & Training Overview


Most analysts experience a breach only when it happens for real. And most enterprises don’t check and test their procedures and technologies until a real breach has already happened. The only way to bridge these gaps is by implementing advanced training and assessment capabilities. Training cybersecurity experts can be effective only by simulating hyper-realistic scenarios which allows cybersecurity individuals and teams to face real threats, and improve their skills based on the experiences.

The Lynx Cybersecurity Incident Response Training incorporates a Cyber Range to fully demonstrate desirable and undesirable features of an IT environment and security technology and procedures. Our controlled computing environment is equipped with a baseline that could be physical or virtual with one or more instances configured for specific exercise scenarios. We will ensure that the range is configured based on the Converged Security Program, and related to the applicable access of the team.

Complex Attack Simulation
Customizable Environment
Real-life Settings
Collaborative Training

The Lynx Comprehensive Cybersecurity Incident Response Training Exercises are aligned with your Security Operations Center Program.  Lynx leverages an approach that combines people, process, and technology, to provide students with realistic training scenarios.  Our live exercises provide students access to simulated real events based on pre-determined targets set by the exercise planners.  This provides the ability to directly assess the organization’s critical processes and cyber capabilities based on realistic threat modeling.

The realism of the exercise injects and the training audience responses determine the success of the cyber exercise.  Lynx’s curriculum planners understand the types of threats the training audience would face in a day-to-day situation and then develop the injects that will utilize those methods during the simulation exercise.

In addition to immersive training, it’s important to include cyber situational awareness and real-time sharing of intelligence and incident data to enable proactive identification and mitigation of potential threats. Ramp up your cyber situational awareness with Lynx and the Cyware Enterprise Solution to enhance cyber situational awareness and real-time sharing of intelligence and incident data to enable proactive identification and mitigation of potential threats.

Dissemination of situational awareness over smartphones is emerging as the next-generation modus operandi for tackling cyber threats. A unique feature of synchronizing Cyber Situational Awareness and Incident Reporting over mobile devices is the increase in employee awareness and engagement with organizational security architecture.

It’s time for vulnerabilities to be managed at both the ends. Turn your employees into Human Sensors by giving them the right tool to report suspicious incidents in real-time, reducing the dwell detection time.

Why Lynx Training and Awareness Solutions

Lynx training courses make use of realistic, immersive and risk-free cyber range environments to train, exercise, test, and innovate.

Network Replication

Lynx Technology Partners can replicate your network so you can test and validate changes to configurations before you implement them, potentially saving huge time and money.

Safe Environments

We provide a network-safe environment for your cyber workforce to react to catastrophic attacks and outages, as well as safe LAN and WAN environments to hone cyber operator tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Realistic Training

We can train individual operators, or entire network teams, to identify if an attack has occurred, contain the attack, remediate, and defend.

Identifying Vulerabilities

Lynx Technology Partners Solutions offers the most powerful, effective tools ever designed for performing critical network penetration testing to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities before they are exploited by cyber thugs.

Updated Threats

Our technicians continually scour the cyber landscape to uncover the latest attack scenarios perpetuated by cyber thugs, which they add to Lynx Technology Partners Solutions’ portfolio at no cost to you, thereby keeping your defense posture always current.

Legislative Compliance

No company in the cybersecurity landscape is better informed of legislative changes that affect client security posture than Lynx.

Why do I need Cyber Range Training?

Here are four good reasons:



It is critical that any cyber security training provides an authentic experience. Because of rapid changes training must be agile and responsive. Live simulation exercises attempt to replicate the experience and go beyond classroom lectures. While tabletop drills address an incident in a theoretical sense, cyber ranges allow a team to practice identifying and mitigating threats in a replicated environment using real-world tools. True to life representations of network, host traffic, and user activity effectively challenge professionals to hone their skills. The experience ensures that a cyber team is ready to act quickly and effectively when the time comes, because they have practiced what it takes.



We have all seen the numbers about information loss following lectures. Numbers as high as 90% loss within a week are common. When you apply active learning principles through doing and repetition, long-term information retention increases to 75%. Security professionals who actively train using cyber ranges will retain significantly more of the skills they acquire, and be able to put them into action immediately. As a result, you and they are better prepared for attacks and able to respond to quickly mitigate threats. This saves the organization money and perhaps your job.



Even the best courses are of limited value if you cannot scale to train everyone. Long training sessions away from the office are not as effective as a cyber range which enables security leaders to train teams of any size. They also allow you to conduct full-scale skill building exercises involving competitive (red and blue) teams. These build skills and teamwork. They also create lasting impressions and the ability to put their skills to work on demand.



Games work. What do you think the Air Force’s drone pilots did as teens? Games provide a record of skills growth, track the ability to execute, encourage technical prowess and competition. A cyber range gives teams a platform that they want to train in, and provides meaningful, measurable and visible tracking of their growth and skills progression

Incident Response Training and Situational Awareness

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