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ITSourceTEK is an award-winning leader in the Information Security industry. We provide strategic business and technology based cybersecurity solutions that leverage enterprise investments and improve efficiency to meet stringent compliance standards.
Data-Centric Security Solutions:

GRC Support

Data Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Support

Provides assessments, requirements, and gap analysis for security standards (such as HIPAA, SOX, PCI-DSS, and GDPR), and other regulatory requirements. Create policies and provide solutions to fill any gaps to achieve compliance, ensuring that companies meet stringent security standards for how their data is used, managed, and stored. This also extends to 3rd Party / Vendor Risk Management.

    Data Encryption

    Data Encryption, Masking, and Tokenization

    Protects sensitive data while at rest and in motion. This protection can start at the User Interface of a Web form or internal application and extend through to the backend systems, including Cloud / SaaS providers.

    Threat Detection

    Threat Detection and Policy Enforcement

    By using advanced machine learning and data science, our solutions help detect anomalies before data and systems are compromised. They also analyze, protect, and report on threats from malicious insiders, ransomware, and other policy violations using Application Security Platforms, autonomous threat intelligence, or a combination of both.

    DNS Security

    DNS Security

    Address vulnerabilities in the Domain Name Servers (DNS) and protect against threats such as data exfiltration through ports in the DNS. DNS ports are becoming a common path for data to be stolen, as DLPs and other solutions can’t detect the theft. Another benefit is to prevent or mitigate impact from DDoS attacks.

    Cloud Security Strategies

    Cloud Security Strategies and Solutions Develop

    Automated security functions to extend protection as data and applications move to Cloud and SaaS platforms. This also includes automation of policies and configurations for provisioning and data management functions.

    ITSourceTEK, Inc. and Lynx Technology Partners Join Forces

    Combination Creates Industry-Leading Cybersecurity Operations Program and Integrated Risk Management Provider.

    Our clients range in size from small firms with significant assets to Fortune 100 world leaders.

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    Lynx Technology Partners governance, risk and compliance as a service (GRCaaS) empowers organizations to proactively manage risk and deliver measurable business value. Through our risk operations center (ROC), Lynx customers gain on-demand access to certified teams of GRC experts and intelligent technologies. Enterprises of all sizes use Lynx GRCaaS to improve their overall security posture, achieve continuous compliance and formulate risk-aware business strategies. Our dedication to diversity, customer success, and responsiveness make us the trusted GRC managed service partner of a growing list of customers in highly regulated industries worldwide. Learn more at


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