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Integrated Risk Management (IRM)

Go beyond the traditional, compliance driven GRC technology with our IRM Platform, Lynx Risk Manager.

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Integrated Risk Management = Enterprise-Level, Strategic Decision Making

Lynx Risk Manager (LRM)

Enables customers to reach higher levels of program maturity and deliver real value in the form of stronger performance, increase resilience, better assurance and more efficient compliance.

CISOs prefer a risk-based, data-centric approach to security compliance activities, hence the shift from GRC to IRM. Lynx Risk Manager goes beyond the traditional, compliance-driven GRC technology solutions to provide actionable insights that are aligned with business strategies, not just regulatory mandates.

LRM removes the friction between IT and Security, making life easier for security operations and IT because it provides an integrated view of all assets

IRM helps identify redundancies and inefficiencies in organizational compliance and security, allowing CISOs to eliminate processes that add no value, allocate funds and human resources more effectively, improve compliance and security functions on all levels, and free up employees to work on projects that further their companies’ goals.

Our powerful risk and compliance solution allows an organization to immediately improve their audit workflow and then assess their IT risk posture against internal and external regulations. Lynx Risk Manager can identify and prioritize risks to unique business interests across all types of resources within frameworks of predefined compliance and control regulations, best practices and automated workflows.

Simplify how you are reporting on risk within your organization with a single pane of glass solution.