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Never-before-seen visibility into the state of all assets.

Your users buy new devices and apps, and access your network from anywhere, at anytime. Manage your IT before it gets out of control. LanScope Cat allows greater visibility into your assets and how users actually use them.

  • Access continual logging
  • Verify system updates and patches
  • Track license inventory and usage
  • Establish and enforce policies
  • Record printers and other peripheral devices
  • Identify permitted and forbidden apps

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Under non-disclosure agreement, members of the Lynx Insider Threat Center staff spend up-to 40 hours performing a high-level assessment that gives you a baseline reading against the Top 10 technical indicators of risk and 3 insider-threat mitigation best practices. During that time, we review documents, interview key personnel in your organization, and observe key processes and security issues.

After the initial assessment, we provide you with a confidential report that contains the findings of the assessment to help you understand your exposure to insider threats along multiple vectors (technical, behavioral, process, and policy) and deliver a single, actionable framework to manage these issues and associated risks. The result provides insight in the Cyber area of insider threat mitigation.

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